Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, BRIANA AUGUSTUS is a Photographer, Painter, Filmmaker, Writer, Website & Graphic Designer - making history one venture at a time™. Raised in Tennessee, she earned her B.A. in Communications and Film/Video Production at the University of Memphis, before moving back to her Louisiana hometown.
As a creator with many hats, a traveler of many paths - in 2015, she established her BRIANA AUGUSTUS DESIGN brand to offer clients her Fine Art, Event & Photojournalism Photography, Digital Marketing, Website and Graphic Design services. 

Briana has spent years as a Photographer shooting school events, individual portraits, private & company parties, social events, public events (parades, protests, etc.), and custom photography projects. As a visual artist, it was not a stretch for her to expand her knowledge and skill set as a Website & Graphic Designer. Since 2011, her clients have spanned a number of fields (filmmakers, physicians, chefs, comedians, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc.), have used a variety of platforms (GoDaddy, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, etc.) and have required a diverse set of tools (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Canva, etc.). Regardless the phase of your site, Briana offers Digital Marketing Consultations to help get you started in the right place - even if she's not the perfect fit for you.

Her passion for capturing moments as a Photographer launched her into her start as a Filmmaker. She works freelance as an AC, grip, gaffer, PA and BTS on-set photographer, oftentimes on independent shorts, features and commercial videos, with her film work profiled here

With a mom as a self-taught artist, Briana followed in her creative footsteps as a Painter. In her own style, she boldly utilizes color, subject abstraction, and tangible texture from unconventional medium mixtures to create unique acrylic and oil canvas pieces. From colorful palettes to pages, Briana is also an active Writer, with a focus in poetry and independent news writing. Most recently, several of her pieces were published in the June 2020 issue of Tangerine Zine, entitled Beyond June. 

As an all-inclusive job title, Briana the "Media Artist" truly is a creator with many hats, a traveler of many paths, making history one venture at a time. Explore her portfolio of work and contact her today about how Briana Augustus Design can help you achieve your goals.